Booty Breakers

Guys love fuck buddies because guys love sex. Most men don’t give a hoot about a relationship. If they could fuck a different hot girl every day of the week, they would do it without a blink of the eye. The big question is, HOW do you find a fuck buddy to play with? There are plenty of these online fuck buddy sites, but many are scams. That’s why I decided to make my own review site featuring the most popular fuck sites there are and ranking them on the success I have.

I’m just a normal average looking dude from Kansas in the midwest of America. I’m not so handsome, not overweight either. The girls aren’t drawn to me you can say. However I’ve started using some really good fuck buddy sites and now have 6 girls I fuck around basically whenever I want. Most of them are fat which I happen to like and they are ‘easy’. I would rather have a huge selection of fat sluts than hot models and get laid once in a blue moon.

There are also some older women that are really fucking horny that email me constantly wanting me to come over and mess around.

Well that’s it for now, in the next month or so I’ll be giving my indepth reviews so you can have some recommendations from a regular guy on some quality fuck buddies sites

Stay tuned and come back soon